Moving to new API

New API, new features, better accuracy, and more robust

Moving to new API

We are super excited to announce that we have moved to the new in-house API which is highly scalable and is much more accurate than the old one.

The new API developed and deployed in a very short period of time. The API named Eris. Eris offers more metrics than the previous one. However, it is totally backward compatible and does not require any updates on the indicator. In fact, the API has already deployed and currently you are using it. Isn’t cool!

For more clarity and allowing other developers to collaborate and/or use the service, we open source Eris codebase and all its documentations. Feel free to fork it and deploy your own instance.

Additionally, we have moved away from as it is blocked in some countries. Instead, for location detection we have integrated Ip-api in our service. This makes the code cleaner and easier to maintain.

Lastly, Eris facilitates us to move forward and adding new metrics to the indicator. Stay tuned, we will be back with a newer and better version of Simple Indicator Weather very soon.